Meet Me

Hey there, My name is Gillian, author, and founder of Life As An Island Mom. Many of you might be curious about the name and yes I do live on an island. In fact, I live on the beautiful island of Jamaica. In addition to being an island girl, I am a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.

I am a super Virtual Assistant by day and super mom both day and night. I am a passionate mom who likes to learn as much as I can about my child and her development. I like to hear others’ experiences as well as sharing my own. As such, I decided to embark on a life of mommy blogging. I have experienced many challenges and changes in my life since entering motherhood. Aside from being utterly clueless, there have been quite a few ups and downs and I’m here to share them all. I will speak to areas regarding the development stages of children, life at home with kids, and ways to earn a living from home especially if you are a stay at home mom. I will also be sharing content for support, DIY mommy projects, and just precious moments.

I hope that you will enjoy my content and that my stories and experiences will help or provide other moms out there with ideas, support, or just a sigh of relief to know other moms have similar experiences.