Popsicle Stick Sun Craft

Easy Popsicle Stick Sun Craft For Kids

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One of the most amazing aspects of summer is the warm and beautiful sunshine that the season brings. And all those warm sunny days wouldn’t be possible without our beautiful sun. So doing a sun craft as a summer project is an absolute no-brainer. This Popsicle stick sun craft can be done as a stand-alone project or can be added to phonics lesson plans. A great example is S is for the sun.

This craft is perfect for all ages even pre-schoolers and can be completed with just a few supplies. An added bonus for busy moms is that this sun craft needs no prep and can be done in under ten minutes. Let’s get start. Gather the following supplies:

  • Yellow felt
  • 4 Yellow Popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue gun and glue Stick
  • Black sharpie
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors

How To Make A Popsicle Stick Sun Craft

  • Let’s start with our sun’s base. Draw a circle on your felt. You can make this as big as you want. Anything that has a circular shape will work. In this case, I am using a cover of a jar.
  • Once you are finished drawing your circle cut it out.
  • We can now make our sun’s face. Next, we are ready to glue our googly eyes to our sun. Now that our face is done we are ready to make the sun rays.
  • Grab your 4 popsicle stick and cut them in half. Then glue them to the back or your sun. Try to place them into a circular pattern. Then allow to dry for about a minute.
  • That it! Your sun craft is done. You can customize your sun even further if you which.

It was a lot of fun making this craft. Let me know what other sun crafts you have tried this summer and why it was your favourite.

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Popsicle Stick Sun Craft

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